Wales Antiques Guide Cover Collection

Wales Antiques Guide 1987 – 2014

Today I’ve been preparing work on the next edition of the Wales Antiques Guide. Usually this means a fair bit of displacement activity.

Like the bowler before his run-up nothing much happens except for a bit of ball tossing and polishing. Metaphorical of  course.

It is a little different this year because I’ve realised with some shock that next year year will be the 29th I’ve published. So, with that in mind I’ve collated past editions and I’ve photographed them for posterity. And though the graphic design services provided by printers in the late ’80’s and early ’90’s left a lot to be desired they are starting to look collectable.

The Wales Antiques Guide is online too, here and on Facebook, here.

wag cover collection 259x300 Wales Antiques Guide 1987   2014
Wales Antiques Guide Cover Collection



Gaiman Comic Books

Comix Comics and Graphic Novels in Cardigan

I’ve always been a little bit interested in comics and graphic novels, and how could you not be growing up, as I did, in late 20th century Britain?
I started on the REALLY soft stuff; the deadly dull Rupert the Bear, the exquisite but meant-to-be improving strips in the Eagle and Look and Learn.
As parental direction loosened, anything published by DC Thompson (mein gott, I nearly forgot Commando !) and later the smart and subversive Mad Magazine were some time school bag companions.
I dillied and dallied again later with the harder more street and amoral stylings of ‘the greatest comic ever published’, 2000AD, and I suppose its influence is as strong today as it was then.
While apparently underground and counterculture material was relatively difficult to find at that time you could walk into your local newsagent every week and take home a  genuinely savage and satirical children’s comic. Zarjaz!
2000AD, with Heavy Metal/Metal Hurlant were attractive too because they were solidly European in spirit and being Not-American counted for a lot in the throes of punk rock revisionism.
Anyway this is just a long-winded way of saying that I’ve been reading comic books again and  borrowing from Mr Marc Poole’s extensive collection has made catching up easier.
And last Saturday, for a treat I traded some time for the 10 Sandman Collections. I’m looking forward to reading them…

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Gaiman Comic Books





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