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Bookends Cardigan
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A great bookshop with a wide range of books to suit everyone – reasonable prices, with a friendly & professional atmosphere, comfortable surroundings
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Paul Morris
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Wales Antiques Guide Cover Collection

Wales Antiques Guide 1987 – 2014

Today I’ve been preparing work on the next edition of the Wales Antiques Guide. Usually this means a fair bit of displacement activity.

Like the bowler before his run-up nothing much happens except for a bit of ball tossing and polishing. Metaphorical of  course.

It is a little different this year because I’ve realised with some shock that next year year will be the 29th I’ve published. So, with that in mind I’ve collated past editions and I’ve photographed them for posterity. And though the graphic design services provided by printers in the late ’80’s and early ’90’s left a lot to be desired they are starting to look collectable.

The Wales Antiques Guide is online too, here and on Facebook, here.

wag cover collection 259x300 Wales Antiques Guide 1987   2014
Wales Antiques Guide Cover Collection



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