Photos: from Nigel and Jean Fletcher’s Moonlight Lady

It's probably very bad form but I wanted to resurrect this early post; it contains a suite of favourite photographs from a very happy time. Time was when I ran with a pretty racy Badminton crowd. Among the hard core of players were (then) Stoves n Stuff supremo Nigel Fletcher and sage and mystic Mr. Rod Ellis. We three spent an awful lot of our winter weekends boating as near to Villa Park as we could. These pictures I think capture the wintery watery atmosphere of the cold morning after the smoky fired night before.

Paul Williams

This is the blog of Paul Williams, Ceredigion resident since 1970. I am an English and Philosphy graduate of what was once known as St David's University College, at Lampeter. I played bass in Dyfed's first punk band, and living in Llandewi Brefi, had a grandstand view of Operation Julie. Eventually, after 2 years playing bass in Brighton's 256th punk band, I returned to Wales to deal in books and then antiques. I've trained and worked as a counsellor, I am a photographer, blog and web designer and I publish the annual Wales Antiques Guide. I am married and a father of one. Apart from my family, my interests include books, maps, Nikon, Yashica and Mamiya film cameras, British Culture 1935 - 1965, Poole pottery, Welsh textiles, and Poster art. My favourite movies include anything by Pressburger and Powell favourite music includes Gene Clark, Gram Parsons, and anything form San Francisco 1965-1970. I am a late convert to 'Kraut Rock'.

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