Peek-a-Boo Jim: Illustrated by Chloe Preston

Peek a Boo Jim
I’ve already trailed this once as a ‘coming soon’ auction on eBay; it should be up and running now here.


I’ve had this and others for about 20 years. I remember buying them from Phil David then proprietor of Furniture Cave in Aberystwyth, Ceredigion. Phil was shrewd and always had good things. The shop is still there under the ownership of David Russell Hulme and remains a very good retail and trade call.

A shaped and illustrated board book I guess from the 1920s
Illustrated by Chloe Preston with words by May Byron
Published by Humphrey Milford OUP London
26cm high
The thick board covers are cut into the shape of Chloe Preston’s appealing wide-eyed children
Very light spine wear, complete and very clean
Foxing present throughout but I wouldn’t regard it as affecting the overall excellence of this volume
This one of three that I have unearthed from a box in my attic.

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