St David’s Day

I’m a little late posting this but I think it’s worth it and obviously nothing particularly antique about this little beauty…

I experienced my first Welsh Costume anxiety this week. Luckily no-one’s child arrived at the Cylch Meithryn attired in antique lace, heavy locally produced flannel, topped off with a moleskin hat, but you never know do you? One wouldn’t want one’s child to be the only poor dab wearing a polyester-cotton mix and the wrong sort of hat. The boys opted for Welsh Rugby Shirts almost to a man though there was a sprinkling of cloth caps.
You’d probably need to go to Patagonia for the real thing.
I’m not sure what we would be wearing in England on St George’s Day but I guess it would something similarly bizarre, perhaps featuring bowler hats and cricketing whites. Or something.

Paul Williams

This is the blog of Paul Williams, Ceredigion resident since 1970. I am an English and Philosphy graduate of what was once known as St David's University College, at Lampeter. I played bass in Dyfed's first punk band, and living in Llandewi Brefi, had a grandstand view of Operation Julie. Eventually, after 2 years playing bass in Brighton's 256th punk band, I returned to Wales to deal in books and then antiques. I've trained and worked as a counsellor, I am a photographer, blog and web designer and I publish the annual Wales Antiques Guide. I am married and a father of one. Apart from my family, my interests include books, maps, Nikon, Yashica and Mamiya film cameras, British Culture 1935 - 1965, Poole pottery, Welsh textiles, and Poster art. My favourite movies include anything by Pressburger and Powell favourite music includes Gene Clark, Gram Parsons, and anything form San Francisco 1965-1970. I am a late convert to 'Kraut Rock'.

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    Great article. There’s a lot of good data here, though I did want to let you know something – I am running Fedora with the current beta of Firefox, and the layout of your blog is kind of flaky for me. I can understand the articles, but the navigation doesn’t work so good.

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