Pair English School Watercolours: Amsterdam Canal Scene, the Munttoren.

Sometimes when collecting it isn’t neccessary, or even wise, to negotiate. You look, you establish the price, you pay, you flee. You hope you have acquired title.

These watercolours exemplify this approach. Car boot sale, loose change price, quick exit.

Examined at leisure this kind of purchase occassional disappoints; a hidden flaw the usual culprit. In this case they look better every time I look at them.

A pair of watercolours executed in a fine style, probably an English hand, of Dutch scenes; measuring 24cm x 16cm with no apparent signature.

The tower appears to be the Munttoren in Amsterdam, built in the early 17th century and the scenes look like they could be 18th or early 19th century.

Apart from that speculation I’m in the dark.

Any comments welcome.

Watercolour: Dutch Scene, Amsterdam

Watercolour: Dutch Scene

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