Photos of Aberystwyth Race for Life Event 2009; Elsie Mae Goes for Gold!

Shevaughn took part in this year’s Race for Life Event at Aberystwyth in memory of friend Melanie Davies who died last year at 34 unable to overcome a brain tumour.

Despite the threat of rain 1600 runners took part in breezy sunshine. For photographers this is a ‘must attend’ Ceredigion event; an all female cast, many with poignant stories to tell, plenty of blue and pink, the promenade an excellent stage, they are almost certain to bring home some great images.

Luckily for me I have multiple excuses for a poor showing; pushchair, umbrellas, bags with drinks, snacks and so on do not make for easy movement in the crowds of supporters.

Anyway included here is a picture of Elsie Mae sporting a medal which I’m proud to say she blagged without running more than 10 yards; as Shevaughn and friend Rachel approached the finishing line Elsie ran out and joined the race. Triumphantly crossing the line (“faster, Mummy, faster!”) she got her very own medal.

Elsie Gets Gold in Aberystwyth

And here’s the full photo story.

Paul Williams

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  1. Anji says:

    I saw your comment on dru’s blog. Great pictures of agreat event. Elsie Mae’s medal is a lovely touch by the people at the finishing line!

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