Photographing the Sun

Cutting across my earliest conditioning and ignoring my camera’s manual, today I photographed the sun.

Conditions were favourable; a light breeze, some cloud but a bright sky with a south facing aspect.

During a 30 minute tea break my boss is man-handling a rare Carl Zeiss Jena  prism lens into position on the outside workbench. Originally intending to photograph the lump for eBay and doubtless a very good price, the opportunity to mess about with the light from our nearest star was too good to miss.

While he manouvered the beast into position I set up an adhoc viewing surface (the back of a short wave radio manual) and set about capturing the clouds scudding across the face of the sun.

With no way of accurately focussing the image and with me working hand held it is of neccessity a rough a ready pair of images I brought home.

Somehow, and I don’t know quite how, we felt like twin Galileos, rather awed by the simple fact of looking at the Sun.

What next; running with scissors?

Paul Williams

This is the blog of Paul Williams, Ceredigion resident since 1970. I am an English and Philosphy graduate of what was once known as St David's University College, at Lampeter. I played bass in Dyfed's first punk band, and living in Llandewi Brefi, had a grandstand view of Operation Julie. Eventually, after 2 years playing bass in Brighton's 256th punk band, I returned to Wales to deal in books and then antiques. I've trained and worked as a counsellor, I am a photographer, blog and web designer and I publish the annual Wales Antiques Guide. I am married and a father of one. Apart from my family, my interests include books, maps, Nikon, Yashica and Mamiya film cameras, British Culture 1935 - 1965, Poole pottery, Welsh textiles, and Poster art. My favourite movies include anything by Pressburger and Powell favourite music includes Gene Clark, Gram Parsons, and anything form San Francisco 1965-1970. I am a late convert to 'Kraut Rock'.

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