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Photos: Barley Saturday, Cardigan, 2010

Another Barley Saturday; another overcast day, warm but waiting to rain. Not a lot different to last year, though a week late and under the watchful eye of S4C.

24 photographs in the slideshow and I’ve picked what I think is my best shot; I’d love to hear what you think it might be…

12 comments to Photos: Barley Saturday, Cardigan, 2010

  • ian willson

    I like the tone of the colours in the first two. Do a load in the style of the first one as a project – very Stephen Shore. Really like to see those trees in the second without the railings. Of the actual event I like 15&18.
    Good set thanks.

  • The colours in the first two shots are hard to beat; grey heavy clouds with spring blossom. I like the two you chose and it’s the former which I like best..

  • IDW

    Great shots Paul – and you seem to have mastered the art of enjoying jolly festival-type events with lots of people. Though having a young child does help! 15 is also my favourite with 11 (though I’d probably crop it tighter) and 24 my runners-up.

    • Thank you Ian; it’s always fun photograping this kind of event. What could be better than horses running through town? Well, bulls I suppose.

  • shelly

    hi, i dont know anything about driving ponies, but was there something amiss with the two greys, surely that isnt safe to have ponies leaning as badly as these two were?

  • You have a point Shelly; it looked dangerous and there were a few gasps from the crowd…

  • Stacy

    can i point out about the ponies, one was leaning during the competition, something that the driver pointed out that never happens, one was being particulary naughty that day and the picture captured a bad moment, earlier in the day they showed them selves perfectly

  • mysti

    the grey driving ponies were safe, they just were beeing a bit silly like every horse has its moments.

  • tim richards

    my horse one the tradional colored class at barley saturday this year do yuo have any photos

    • Hi Timothy
      I wasn’t at the judging so would not have any from there.
      I’m pretty sure that the images on the site are all that I have.
      Perhaps next year we could make sure I get some?

  • Angelbank Carriages

    As the owner and driver of the pair of grey ponies seen above, I have to apologise and offer an explanation. This was unsightly and terribly embarrassing moment as we have a first class reputation for turning out and competing at the very highest standards.The ponies are very experienced carriage driving ponies and are totally safe to drive especially in public. Unfortunately on the day of the event, the pony on the drivers side decided to have the ‘mother of all tantrums’ and refused to behave properly As we were in the full gaze of the public eye and encased in the high street parade, we were unable to make any corrective procedures. Although it looks dramatic, it posed no threat to the animals welfare or risk to the public. My expression says it all… never work with animals or children!

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