Photographs by Raymond Moore; The Welsh Arts Council 1968.

A nice find last week in one of my usual haunts, ‘Photographs by Raymond Moore’, a Welsh Arts Council pamphlet from 1968.
It features 20 images that the WAC exhibited throughout Wales in ’68/’69; their first of a living photographer.

Moore described himself as

‘violently against self-expression …… I’m just a go-between,
things discover me, I don’t discover them. But in them I can find myself and grow… its a kind of recognition.’

Raymond Moore

His reputation and influence remain strong . It is a pity then that his archive is subject to legal wrangling because his books are out of print and a full retrospective is unlikely any time soon.

Raymond Moore (1920-1987)

Raymond Moore (1920-1987)

You  can see images from a 1986 British Council exhibition here.

And Ann Giddings’ ‘Critical Review on Raymond Moore’ is a helpful introduction.


Paul Williams

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  1. Cliff Resnick says:

    Hi Paul I just came across this posting about Ray Moore, I’m been living down here since 1990, cI’m over at Crymych way and was about ten years in Llandysul before that. I’m an Artist/Photographer or artist that’s also interested in photography and knew Ray quite well I was originally taught how to use a camera by Ray when doing, I did nearly two years foundation at Watford, where Ray was teaching. We both moved to Nottingham at the same time me to do Fine Art, Ray as you probably aware to teach at the then Trent Poly. His department was in the same smallish building as were all the art based courses, my girlfriend at the time was also taught by Ray at Watford and chose to do photography at Trent so I saw and socialized with Ray a bit at this time, he also lived quite near us in North Notts. At the moment I’m getting my photographs in order and intend to do something with them in the future as I’m taking up my career as an artist again after some years now running an online film photography business. I would say that Ray has had a significant influence on my photographic style and you’re posting has brightened up a somewhat dull day.

    • Hi Chris, that’s great! Thanks for posting. You were lucky to have been taught by a master photographer. My regret is that I’ve not had a formal photography education.
      Perhaps you know Carl Welsby – he lives near to you and is pretty handy with the camera? We are both dipping our toes in at Cardigan Camera Club though I have to say that if it wasn’t for our burgeoning friendship we’d probably have quit by now. It’s a club with skilled members but very conservative. Not a lot of art. Anyway if you’re a Facebooker I’ll see if I can find you.

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