Carter and Co Poole Pottery Lion

The Sine qua non of any collection of Poole Pottery surely must be the Carter Tiles Advertising Lion. I understand from Hayward and Atterbury’s ‘Poole Pottery’ that these may have been given by sales reps as ‘goodwill tokens’.

They represent Carter’s earliest incarnation as a manufacturer of encaustic tiles a trade that they never relinquished even through the flashy Art Deco years and the experimental 1960’s.

This was a gift and a mighty fine one too. And probably if I was forced to keep one piece of the Poole Pottery’s output it would be this.

Carter's Tiles Advertising Lion c1910

Carter’s Tiles Advertising Lion c1910

Poole Pottery
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Poole Pottery
Carter and Co's beginnings as a tile manufacturer...

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  1. Nigel Morris says:

    Hi, any idea of the value of the carters poole lion

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