Cardigan Fair Day

After my recent outing with my 20mm manual lens I broke put the 24mm for a compare and contrast.
I’d recently done the same with my 18mm AF lense and the 20mm came out a winner. Lighter, less cumbersome and producing a more aesthetically pleasing image.
The 18mm is now off to eBay land..

As is traditional in Cardigan 10th November is Fair Day and Fair Night. Primary and Junior School get a day off and Cardigan dwellers can buy 3 towels for £10 and or cheap meat off the back of a wagon.

Wide lenses generally are great for street scenes because it’s pretty easy to point and shoot on your preferred settings. Depth of field is forgiving, usually sufficient for reasonable front to back focus, and smaller lighter lenses allow for slower hand held shutter speeds.

Prime lenses tend, in my experience, to have what I can only think of as ‘character’. Maybe they vignette in a certain way or maybe there’s a chromatic quality that shines through in the final image. Manual + Prime will also slow you down.

Anyway I didn’t capture much but it was a pleasantly dry and muted day.

Paul Williams

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