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Poole Pottery Carter & Co Lion Advertisement

Carter and Co Poole Pottery Lion

The Sine qua non of any collection of Poole Pottery surely must be the Carter Tiles Advertising Lion. I understand from Hayward and Atterbury’s ‘Poole Pottery’ that these may have been given by sales reps as ‘goodwill tokens’.

They represent Carter’s earliest incarnation as a manufacturer of encaustic tiles a trade that they never relinquished even through the flashy Art Deco years and the experimental 1960’s.

This was a gift and a mighty fine one too. And probably if I was forced to keep one piece of the Poole Pottery’s output it would be this.

6005799 1024x1024 Carter and Co Poole Pottery Lion
Carter’s Tiles Advertising Lion c1910
Georgian Silver Spoons

You Don’t Need Silver Spoons to Eat Good Food; Georgian Flatware on eBay.

A long day last week photographing silver spoons – proving that if God had wanted us to photograph silver he wouldn’t have made it shiny – from a bag I found in a cupboard.

Silver spoons of this age (early 19th century) have seen some action, and quite intimate action. It occurred to me when giving them a cursory polish there are not many antique items that have so repeatedly been handled and indeed, licked.