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Poole and Honiton Pottery

More Poole Pottery for sale on eBay; and some Charles Collard Honiton

6005864 300x300 More Poole Pottery for sale on eBay; and some Charles Collard Honiton
Charles Collard Honiton Jug; c1930.

Another tranche of Poole Pottery is now for sale on eBay. As I’ve sorted through boxes I’ve pulled out a few memories. This rather pretty jug caught my eye. I bought it for £5 in 1982 in Brighton. It’s the first bit piece of Honiton I’d bought. I have never worked out whether Poole or Honiton were stealing the other’s ideas. Charles Collard has access to roughly similar clays and he opted for a very naive style. His production values never really approached Poole Pottery’s but he did have an edge when it came down to a down home potting style. The wares are seldom without blemish. And that £5? I probably wouldn’t get £10 today. I still loves it though.


Poole Pottery Carter & Co Lion Advertisement

Carter and Co Poole Pottery Lion

The Sine qua non of any collection of Poole Pottery surely must be the Carter Tiles Advertising Lion. I understand from Hayward and Atterbury’s ‘Poole Pottery’ that these may have been given by sales reps as ‘goodwill tokens’.

They represent Carter’s earliest incarnation as a manufacturer of encaustic tiles a trade that they never relinquished even through the flashy Art Deco years and the experimental 1960’s.

This was a gift and a mighty fine one too. And probably if I was forced to keep one piece of the Poole Pottery’s output it would be this.

6005799 1024x1024 Carter and Co Poole Pottery Lion
Carter’s Tiles Advertising Lion c1910