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Wales Antiques 2009 – 2010 Guide Now Online

The last couple of months I have been occupied with the production of the Wales Antiques Guide.  Chasing customers, checking copy, generating invoices, licking envelopes and liasing with the designer and the printer.

And now it is at Gomer tucked up in it’s bed ready for the presses to roll. After the administrations of the guillotine, the folders, the staplers and the packers it will be on its way to my front door in one of their little blue and white vans. After that it’s delivery to the various businesses therein as well as to the Tourist Information Offices and the other various outlets who help distribute this free guide.

However, since we have been publishing to the web,  my most satsifying task is the updating of the web pages. Adding the new, removing the expired, and putting up the new map. It’s satisfying I think because it’s the last job, the underlining that says the year has turned.  Anyway here it is. It may have a few typos to weed out yet but I hope you find something of interest. And let me know what you think…

Wales Antiques Guide 2009 Online Now

The annual Wales Antiques Guide 2009/2010 Edition is with the good people at the Gomer Press so for those who just can’t wait here are some screenshots gleaned from the print ready pdf files. Gomer should be delivering the guides later this week so they will be ready for distribution this weekend.