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Syd Mead

Steel Couture – Syd Mead – Futurist: Sentinel (Dragon’s Dream, 1979)

My casual approach to bargain hunting sometimes pays off. I rarely go to auctions and car boot sales, relying more on a nose for likely charity shops. While some are now ‘ebay-ed’ to death, Oxfam being a prime example, there remain a few ‘old school’ establishments that seem to care little about squeezing the max out of their supporters’ donations. Good for the punter like me, but bad for the cause.

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Syd Mead – Sentinel

I knew little about Syd Mead until I bought this book; futuristic imaginings by an artist whose style has graced movies like Bladerunner, Tron, and Aliens.
Here’s a gallery of some of the contents that someone has posted on flickr. Groovy stuff.

The Oxfam Book Of Children’s Stories – South and North, East and West


Photos: Arts and Crafts Oak Candlesticks from Carmarthen Showground

I spent the best part of this damp morning at Carmarthen Showground Antiques and Flea market distributing the 2010 Wales Antiques Guide. A side benefit of this is getting in early before the civilians, and having a good look around the stalls and meeting the mostly laconic and downbeat stall holders.

The goods on offer were piled high and of a pretty good standard; with more cash I would have come home with a lot more that I did.

So here’s the star lot; one pair of arts and crafts candlesticks, oak, carved, 16 inches high and probably late 19th or early 20th century. I’m unable to identify the maker but I suspect a Welsh connection. I guess they could possibly be made for ecclesiastical use though I’d have expected something a little more ‘gothic revival’.