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Wales Antiques Guide 2009

I am readying the 2009 Wales Antiques Guide for publication next month. Always a tricky time it has been more so this year because a: I’ve usually got this far by Christmas and b: there’s a reported economic crisis and c: I’m stuffed to the gills with web work.

No complaints about the latter, and only myself to blame for the former. But the middle one; dealers and auctioneeers and I suppose collectors are a mixed up people. Often pessimistic and downbeat, show them a a sale listing and they are there brimming with hope and optimism.

Every cardboard box, every lumber room, every car boot pitch, a chance to turn a profit or maybe even find the ‘big one’.

Take last week; one sale, not much there, a lot of modern bankrupt stock, mainly fixtures and fittings. But for one dealer keen enough to look in a box of junk, £40 bought a £500 gold chain.

Keep looking, keep smiling!