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Electric Corsets: The “Very Thing’ for the Ladies

electriccorset Electric Corsets: The Very Thing for the Ladies
Here’s another of my current eBay auctions. If you thought that all that waste paper that slides out of your over-priced and over-fattened weekend papers was a relatively recent phenomena then think again.
This is an advertising insert, I think probably from something like the London Illustrated News. Beautifully printed in colour the true power of these corsets can is only hinted at. Produced by the Medical Battery Co. Ltd these corsets will AT LEAST aid the chest in its ‘healthy development’, ensure that the internal organs are ‘speedily strengthened’ and make the most ‘awkward figure’ graceful.
On sale here.
SOLD: £17.00

A Day Out in Norfolk

L%20H%20Williams109 A Day Out in Norfolk

The Lads have mooted a trip to Holt in Norfolk to an outfitters we know. All for it we’ve already hit a stumbling block; what vehicle?
Rummaging through my files of old family photos I found this of Mr Leslie Harry Williams, my paternal grandfather.
A committed smoker and a forester to boot he doubtless needed to wear only the toughest and most hardwearing of clothes. Nothing synthetic in this ensemble.
The car though. How tantalising and I daresay just the thing for a trip ‘cross country.