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The Shell House Hermitage Cilwendeg Pembrokeshire

It’s a very long time since I’ve visited Capel Colman in Pembrokeshire; it was wet then and I didn’t bring back an image worth reproducing. My interest then was a very charming cross decorated stone, probably early christian, hidden in the bank in the lane leading to a nearby farmhouse.

Last Thursday it was a trip, similarly wet, with Elsie and and g-Parents to see the Shell House Hermitage at Cilwendeg. Open only on Thurdays and April to September this recently restored oranmental grotto (by the Temple Trust ) is a peaceful (re)treat for Folly Fans.

Created by Morgan Jones the Younger in honour of his uncle in the 1820’s, using some of the £20000 per annum income from the Skerries Lighthouse, he created a modest yet beautiful monument to a well loved man of  a charitable and ‘rustic’ disposition.

wpid740 images my ceredigion01 The Shell House Hermitage Cilwendeg Pembrokeshire
The Shell House Hermitage Cilwendeg

Open April-September 9.00am to 6.00pm
Contact: Father Paul Mackness
01239 682830

[email protected]
Google Map Here

UPDATE: See Suzannah Fleming’s post re new contact details.

The Temple Trust:
e-mail: [email protected]