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Gulshan Indian Food

Gulshan Chancery Lane Cardigan Contemporary Indian Cuisine

Out West it’s easy to get used to the generic ‘curry house’ experience – ok, but never really rising above ‘meh’.

You conclude that you have to go further afield if you want something special and why bother when you can better it at home?

Eventually though after enough word of mouth praise  you have to give it a go don’t you?  So we did.

It wasn’t for a big blowout, just a ‘day after the party and can’t-be- a*sed’ to cook’ take-away order for six peckish souls; some breads, tikka, passander, rogon josh, saag, and all the usual devoured with relish (geddit!) and acclaim.

Gulshan (it’s a place in Bangladesh, by the way) manages to achieve that fresh tasting  wholesome food  experience and I can’t wait to return for a sit-down.

For us it’s walking distance but we were lazy enough to have them deliver.

Category: ‘as-good-as-it gets’!

You’ll find Gulshan’s fine  in the centre of town at:
Chancery Lane, Cardigan, SA43 1HD
and they can be contacted on 01239 612687

Gulshan are on Facebook here.


Cardigan River and Food Festival 2014

The first time for many a summer that we’ve been home to visit this event. Reasonably priced all day entry and lots of food and drink to graze for nowt with dance and music.
But somehow not buzzing as it used to do. Where are the costumes, masks and the stilt walkers? Did I miss them?