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Syd Mead

Steel Couture – Syd Mead – Futurist: Sentinel (Dragon’s Dream, 1979)

My casual approach to bargain hunting sometimes pays off. I rarely go to auctions and car boot sales, relying more on a nose for likely charity shops. While some are now ‘ebay-ed’ to death, Oxfam being a prime example, there remain a few ‘old school’ establishments that seem to care little about squeezing the max out of their supporters’ donations. Good for the punter like me, but bad for the cause.

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Syd Mead – Sentinel

I knew little about Syd Mead until I bought this book; futuristic imaginings by an artist whose style has graced movies like Bladerunner, Tron, and Aliens.
Here’s a gallery of some of the contents that someone has posted on flickr. Groovy stuff.

The Oxfam Book Of Children’s Stories – South and North, East and West

Russell Hobbs Percolator

Making Coffee the Harry Palmer Way

While stumbling about the internet looking for info on the magnificently retro Russell Hobbs brushed stainless steel coffee percolator, I found the  the Harry Palmer Movie site.
I’d had it in mind that Deighton had give is then un-named anti-hero some fancy-dan device for brewing his coffee. I was nearly right. It seems that the executive producer had put together a product placement deal to promote the Insta-Brewer, a rather nasty looking cafetiere and it features rather prominently in The Ipcress File.

So apart from learning that Deighton taught Caine how to crack an egg I learnt that my vintage Russell Hobbs Model 3008 looks cooler than an Insta-Brewer. And it makes damn fine coffee.

41LEuHC1mOL. SL160  Making Coffee the Harry Palmer Way