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The Penguin’s Egg

I’ve started reading Sara Wheeler’s excellent biography of one of the great heroic figures of the 20th century, Cherry Apsley-Garrard. I had considered calling this blog The Penguin’s Egg but discovered that someone smarter and quicker than I had beaten me to that particular Pole.
The idea came from Cherry’s most famous quote:

If you march your Winter Journeys you will have your reward, so long as all you want is a penguin’s egg.

I don’t want to suggest that blogging is anything like The Worst Journey in World but I think the pursuit of a penguin’s egg is a rather special thing.

Sadly the three eggs that survived the journey and were presented to the Natural History Museum did little to further the scientific aims of the expedition. And Cherry, only 24, survived the ‘horror’ of the Terra Nova Expedition it seems with all the guilt and regret only a survivor can carry.

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