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Photos: Folly Farm Vintage Fun Fair

Once again MyCeredigion finds itself in Pembrokeshire…

Not far from Narberth in Pembrokeshire is a treasure house of fun. Anyone who’s been to Folly Farm will know you really only go with children. In fact an un-accompanied adult, male, with a camera would probably be fed to the pigs.

Anyway for the third time this year I braved it’s hallowed halls with a party of 20 celebrating EM’s number 4 birthday, the Big O-Four. Folly Farm has all the usual appointments associated with farming; goats (yay, feeding time!) cows, sheep, horses, donkeys, chickens, giraffes, ocelot etc etc. Of course you guessed, it’s not only a farm it’s a zoo too.

But what do you do in the unlikely event of rain in West Wales or if you’re tired of petting and feeding and gawping? Well, we head for ‘Europe’s largest undercover vintage funfair with a huge collection of working rides and stalls lovingly restored for your enjoyment.

I’m not a fun fair fan in the normal, That’ll Be the Day sense. Too many scary rides and too much teenage shrieking. But this is special. As it says on the can, it’s ‘Vintage’. The Chairoplane, the Caterpillar, Dodgems, the Royal Coronation Speedway, the Cakewalk, Golden Gallopers and a Helter Skelter with coconut mats rough enough to satisfy the most sadistic PE teacher.

Best of all? The vintage art…

Highly Recommended. Here’s some pictures.

Fantasy Football: Rod Stewart and the Faces at Saint Mary’s Stadium

The keen-eyed will have noticed new colours nailed to my masthead; the logo of newly relegated  Southampton Football Club. Yes that’s my club. Dumped out of the Championship, in administration and starting next season with a 10 point deficit, they are on the brink of being bought out by a consortium financed by a mystery multi-millionaire. Even though we live in dark economic days there are some ready and eager to invest in that thing that is the opposite of a cash cow. Doubtless if I had the cash I’d be one of them.

Notwithstanding nearly 40 years living in Wales (and a brief narrowboat induced flirtation with  Aston Villa) I can’t bring myself to support any other club. It’s a blood thing really; a large New Forest family on my mother’s side, living close enough to Southampton to be regulars at the Dell, it can’t be helped.

Anyway, today I read this story in the (Southern) Daily Echo. As with so much from the back pages it is likely to be complete tosh.

But while the identity of alleged multi-millionaire investor remains off-radar a man (of a certain age) can dream.

Of course I’d prefer it if it were  Rod Stewart AND the Faces.

But I suppose  Gordon Strachan will have to do.

Junk Shop Vinyl: Nancy and Lee

Taking a cue from super-readable blog,  Diggin’ It, I thought I’d post a bit of junk shop vinyl.

d4603c808cb5ed63d8c83238ee806a86 Junk Shop Vinyl: Nancy and Lee
This is the 1968  Reprise album by  Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood.

It’s a weird, though surprisingly successful,  pairing and reading the track listing you know this is going to be a patchy album; even the good is going to be over-shadowed by the spooky psyche-pop masterpiece  Some Velvet Morning.

Here is that track listing.

You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’
Elusive Dreams
Greenwich Village Folk Song Salesman
Summer Wine
Storybook Children
Sundown, Sundown
Some Velvet Morning
Lady Bird
I’ve Been Down So Long (It Looks Like Up to Me)

See what I mean?

Some Velvet Morning has been much covered and recently most notably by  Kate and Bobby…

All that for 49p at  Barnardo’s in Cardigan.

More Midnight and the Lemon Boys Brighton Photos

For all you patient people waiting to see the full set of super rare and distressingly vintage Midnight and the Lemon Boys photos here’s the slide show. If you feel the urge share the link and/or leave me a message.

Look Though Any Window

db86e20904dd925cca86aba96750e28b Look Though Any Window

Here’s another beauty from Richard Daniel Jones’ now nearly legendary Midnight and the Lemon Boys shoot. Marcus and ‘Oggins caught in the act of burglarising their own drum.
BTW wee Bob Machin has pointed out that Chris Anderson was to become a Colorado Beetle Beatle; let’s hope he ditched the dodgy espadrilles. (That last bit won’t make sense until I post a picture of his footwear will it? Watch this space.)

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