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Barley Saturday 2010

Photos: Barley Saturday, Cardigan, 2010

Another Barley Saturday; another overcast day, warm but waiting to rain. Not a lot different to last year, though a week late and under the watchful eye of S4C.

24 photographs in the slideshow and I’ve picked what I think is my best shot; I’d love to hear what you think it might be…

Field Marshall Tractor

Barley Saturday Cardigan 2009

Barley Saturday has come and gone and I realised that in the nearly 40 years I have lived in Ceredigion, mostly around Aberporth and New Quay, I had never joined the throng for Barley Saturday.  Living ‘in town’ there’s no reason not see the fun and UMSINGA has become a stopping off point for those from further afield. And of course a wonderful opportunity to float around snapping the horses and trucks, tractors and cars. Oh and this year, though VeloTivy cyclists were a no show (presumably even the hint of rain makes your lycra clench) there were TWO scooterists, Ian and  Danny. A fine sight weaving amongst the other vintage traffic.

No shots of scooters here though; here’s my favourite from the afternoon.

DSCF5779 Barley Saturday Cardigan 2009

And here are the rest.