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Topographical Hand Coloured Engraving 17th Century Paris

Here’s an interesting thing; I bought this yesterday I think initially because it was offered as something I would know about. Susceptible to this kind of flattery I affected some knowledge and I feel it was more hunch than erudition that tipped me into buying it. If I had REALLY known anything about old prints I would have known the name of Melchior Tavernier. Anyway I figured that it would, re-framed, make an interesting decorative print and would look pretty nifty on one of Umsinga’s many walls.
However not content to leave it at that I embarked on a little light research and the urging of my instinct may have paid off. It is what it appears to be; 17th century, original, and rare. Add to the mix a very attractive subject it could be a seller. And if I want to improve the potential for agood sale it must remain ‘as found'; no re-mounting, or re-framing, selling ‘as seen’.
A little more research, perhaps through auction records will help work out a selling strategy.