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Poole and Honiton Pottery

More Poole Pottery for sale on eBay; and some Charles Collard Honiton

6005864 300x300 More Poole Pottery for sale on eBay; and some Charles Collard Honiton
Charles Collard Honiton Jug; c1930.

Another tranche of Poole Pottery is now for sale on eBay. As I’ve sorted through boxes I’ve pulled out a few memories. This rather pretty jug caught my eye. I bought it for £5 in 1982 in Brighton. It’s the first bit piece of Honiton I’d bought. I have never worked out whether Poole or Honiton were stealing the other’s ideas. Charles Collard has access to roughly similar clays and he opted for a very naive style. His production values never really approached Poole Pottery’s but he did have an edge when it came down to a down home potting style. The wares are seldom without blemish. And that £5? I probably wouldn’t get £10 today. I still loves it though.


Kwame and the Tonic Surf Crew

Ceredigion Surfing; Leanne Bird’s the Word

I’m not  one for the cold and wet myself but there is a surfboard in the garage and occasionally it gets a run out.

I photographed Kwame, of Walkin on Water, and his Tonic Therapy Crew in 2012,  featuring The Lady with Pink Hair. Mighty grey was the sea, and everything else.  Kwame ran a ‘birthday treat session’ for our niece and nephew too that year.  And very accomplished they looked.

And as if to rubber stamp the notion that the Ceredigion coast is now an established adventure holiday destination, onto my (Twitter) radar comes Leanne Bird’s Surfing Bird venture…

Must. Learn. To. Swim.