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Kwame and the Tonic Surf Crew

Ceredigion Surfing; Leanne Bird’s the Word

I’m not  one for the cold and wet myself but there is a surfboard in the garage and occasionally it gets a run out.

I photographed Kwame, of Walkin on Water, and his Tonic Therapy Crew in 2012,  featuring The Lady with Pink Hair. Mighty grey was the sea, and everything else.  Kwame ran a ‘birthday treat session’ for our niece and nephew too that year.  And very accomplished they looked.

And as if to rubber stamp the notion that the Ceredigion coast is now an established adventure holiday destination, onto my (Twitter) radar comes Leanne Bird’s Surfing Bird venture…

Must. Learn. To. Swim.

Poole Pottery

Poole Pottery: the Early Years on eBay

6005482 239x300 Poole Pottery: the Early Years on eBay
1920’s Poole Pottery Vase – The First

If you’d called on me on Thursday you would have found a stressed me. Thursday is eBay! day in my house. If I’ve been toiling diligently earlier in the week I’ll have a backlog of photographs and all I have to do is list (insert joke).
Not so this week. I had to spend the morning building my backdrop, wiping down the merchandise and shooting a few frames.
The stress not so much the lack of time, but rather the emotional toll of breaking up collections painstakingly assembled over the years. Last week it was Corgi and Dinky toys and now it’s Poole Pottery.
I’m not selling it all by any means, and it is all in the cause of sensible downsizing, but the first carton I opened contained the very first and the very last pieces I acquired. That is a span of about 30 years and that first piece resonates with me still. I suppose like a first love.
It caught hold of my imagination when I was a little bit of a Dorset obsessive; Hardy and John Cowper Powys and its ancient monuments were a strong influences on my adolescent self and my family had very strong links with Poole. It all made for a muddled puddle of  wistful wanting.
After that my collection accumulated rather than developed until, sometime in the late 80’s, it become too unwieldy to show and too precious to enjoy. The market was strong and with a scarcity of nice pieces my collecting slowed to a near standstill.
Today I feel a tug of nostalgia but it is not strong and my tastes have changed. The early simple pieces, deeply influenced by the Omega Workshop, are my favourites, ‘The Last’ is typical of that approach. So, many of the later ‘busy’ pieces will go and there’ll be room in the attic…

6005468 300x300 Poole Pottery: the Early Years on eBay
An Early 1920’s Poole Pottery Vase – The Last