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Henllan Station

A Railway Journey from Carmarthen to Aberystwyth in 1964; Pure Film Gold

Of all the environmental transport projects mooted for West Wales this must be the most romantic.

Traws Link Cymru campaigns for the restoration of the rail network in west Wales, believing it be a sustainable and, perhaps more importantly, socially inclusive project. In effect you would be able to travel by railway from Carmarthen to Aberystwyth.

And who wouldn’t like THAT journey?

To find out how it was, try this fascination 20 minute excursion.

This film (courtesy of Michael Clemens Railways) is a classic railway journey. Taking in Carmarthen, Bronwydd Arms, Henllan, Newcastle Emlyn, Bryn Teify, Maesycrugiau, Llandysul, Lampeter, Aberayron Junction, Talsarn, Felinfach, Derry Ormond, Llangeitho, Tregaron, Strata Florida, Caradoc Falls (!), Trawscoed, Llanilar, Llanrhystud Road, the trip to Abersytwyth would have taken 2 – 3 hours.

Parallel Lines

Top 10 Books About Trains; No. 9 Parallel Lines by Ian Marchant

This week’s Guardian Newspaper published Andrew Martin’s stab at the Top Ten books about railways.

Proudly I can say that at No 9 is Parallel Lines (Or, Journeys on the Railway of Dreams) by Ian Marchant. I’m not only pleased to say he is one of my best friends but also I provided photos for his book.

What Andrew says about the book;

The “railway of dreams” is compared with the (“largely shit”) modern network as Marchant tries to comprehend rail enthusiasm. His journey by train through Britain and Ireland is apparently rambling, but is also compelling and amusing. The reader learns a lot about both British railway history and the cussed, ultimately humane character of the author.

And here are a few of the shots that never made the book…