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Mermaid of Wood

The Teifi Estuary Cardigan

The ‘not officially an Indian Summer’ continues to delight. Chill nights starting to threaten frost, the leaves waiting to turn and fall. Blue skies and stillness on the water inviting the lens to loiter.
This morning having been thwarted at GT Tyres, I took a quick ride out along the estuary. The light, even at 9.30, still good enough I brought these images home.

Across the Universe

2001; A Photoshop Odyssey

There was a time before Photoshop and digital cameras.
For me that was about 15 years ago.

The three images here tell a little of the story. The first, a sheep on a hillside somewhere near Cymystwyth in Ceredigion, provided the raw material for a renaissance in my interest in photography. It was shot on film, one of the last rolls I would expose for about five or six  years.

For a couple of years I’d been scanning old family photos and cleaning them up and scanning old postcards to sell on eBay. I was using Photoshop as a touch-up and crop program.

With the hardware and software to hand it wasn’t long before I was scanning the occasional good photo that was coming back from the photo lab in St Mary’s Street.

The scanner and computer would conspire often to make this a headbangingly and thus painfully slow process.

I doubt I did much to it once I had it on screen.  But I liked doing it and I soon ran out of my own images to scan and ‘mess with’.

It wasn’t hard to persuade myself that the emulsion was now the costly bottleneck.  Calculating that the money saved on film and crappy quality processing could fund a new camera.

Hello Fuji FinePix 4900z!
What a lovely little camera you were.

download 300x232 2001; A Photoshop Odyssey
Fuji FinePix 4900z

And so began the years of expensive recording media and expensive storage media and hard drives that were over-filled. Oh and the damned printer and the rip-off ink. What happened to those savings I had promised myself? Not the earliest of adopters, I, but early enough to remember now puny memory cards that cost… well never mind, they cost a lot.

So, the two remaining images represent the ‘up’ side, my newly roused enthusiasm for getting out and about, and bleary-eyed learning sessions manipulating multiple images.

Here we have some rather lovely Camelias melded with pearl like rain drops. I had that one praised in AP.
The other is what happens when sunsets and Shevaughn collide with the stableyard at Llanerchaeron.