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This blog will from time to time complement my Wales Antiques Web Site and its printed companion. The guide is a developing listing of general suppliers of antiques and collectables in Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, Powys and beyond; it now including auctions and in the future specialist heritage related attractions. Over 23 years it has become an essential resource for anyone with an interest in buying and selling antiques and collectables in West Wales and Beyond. If you would like to know more visit the site here.

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Buying a Hay Rake

I’m obliged to Ceredigion Museum’s archive for this image of farmers at Blaenpennal gathered to bring harvest home. I include it not only as an excellent old photograph, of which the museum has many, but to demonstrate the ubiquity of the all wooden hay rake. And that only because I bought one this week, all complete, a common type but fresh from the barn in super condition. It came with a rather lovely Hay Fork but as the other half pointed out no good selling them on eBay because you could never wrap them.

Produce Market Pwllhai Cardigan

A pleasant hour in Cardigan’s new produce market; lots of mouthwatering goodies!

Picture 1 of 43

SA43 1DB

Every Thursday
10.00 am – 4.00 pm

The site is part of the 4cg community development of this long weary part of Cardigan.


Dragon Festival Newcastle Emlyn 2011

bafa0b7b6f67418cb6ccee53306fbde2 Dragon Festival Newcastle Emlyn 2011

Prize Winning Dragon

This years Newcastle Emlyn Dragon Festival was blessed with warm sunshine.
A full set of my pictures can be seen here….

Yoga Retreat Day


Treat yourself with a intense yoga retreat day on 27th March 2011

10am welcome chai/indian tea
10:15am meditation followed with hatha-yoga/ posture work for body awareness, and relaxation
12.15pm pranayama and yoga nidra
1.15pm indian veg lunch
2 to 4pm bhajan singing, mantra chanting and satsanga/ discussion on various aspects of yoga in daily life

book your space in advance £40/35concession

in yoga surender

In Best of Yoga, Health and Spirit
Yogachariya Jnandev (Surender Saini)

Yogachariya Jnandev (Surender Saini) @ Yoga Breaks

My friend Surender has published his programme…


Few upcoming yoga events

Sunday 12 December · 10:00 – 13:00

Prana-Yama is process of refining your thoughts, mind and emotions through regulating breath. Balancing your harmones, refining of nervous system, cleansing of karmic influnces, refining and opening channels of energy flow/naris and many more are the benefits…..

If you want to learn to be still, meditate or relax then book your space for this special workshop on pranayama and yoga-nidra

£15 per person

Saturday, 01 January 2011 · 11:00 – 13:00

welcoming new year with sun-salutations for health and well being in year 2011

sun-salutations in yoga are set of various postures for saluting or worshipping sun/light and also to get rid of stiffness and toxins from our body, which enables us to absorb energy from the space bringing rejuvanation to complete peronality

join us from 11 am to 1pm
there will be chai and some indian snacks at the end.

book your space in advance
£15 for the morning

ONE YEAR DIPLOMA IN YOGA starting on Sunday 9th january 2011


Commitment requirements (one year course):
attend atleast one class per week
one full day per month (for 10 months)
2 weekend residential retreats
monthly written and practical homework

Total Cost: £1100 or £100 per month
concession can be discussed / exchange etc.

Course outline:

Origins of yoga

History and Hinduism

Ashtanga Yoga theory – 8 steps
1 – Yama (5 moral restraints)
2 – Niyama (5 ethical observations)
3 – Asana (posture)
4 – Pranayama (breath work / control of prana)
5 – Pratyahara (concentration)
6 – Dharana (sensory withdrawal)
7 – Dhyana (meditation)
8 – Samadhi (Enlightenment / liberation)

Basic anatomy

Yoga into our daily life

Healthy diet and life style

Relaxation techniques

Asnana groups – hathenas (breath forcing techniques) Loma viloma (balancing techniques) surya namaska (various sun salutations) Pelvic looseners, mudras (ancient hand gestures), standing postures (sama-sthithi group)
Pranayamas – cleansing breath, breathing rythyms,
higher practices – a breif introduction to theory and practice.

Closing ceremony – on completion of the course will receive certification from YOGA SATSANGA ASHRAM as successfully completing our 1 year DIPLOMA IN YOGA according to our standard.

If you are interested please reserve your place, we will take up to 5 students in our first year.

love in yoga

In Best of Yoga, Health and Spirit
Yogachariya Jnandev (Surender Saini)

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