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The Boys of Summer Aberporth Ceredigion

aberporth%20beach The Boys of Summer Aberporth Ceredigion

I have at last sold my beloved Fuji FinePix DSLRs, an S1, an S2 and an S3. After 5 years using these cameras it has been a bit of wrench. Over time I got to know what they could and couldn’t do and Fuji imaging always gave me the potential for excellent results. And with the Nikon F Mount I could continue my love affair with Nikon glass.

My last shoot I found the S3 particularly wanting; heavy and sluggish compared with the newer Nikon DSLRs it was time for consignment to eGravebay.

So, as a memorial, one of my favourite pictures from the S2 coupled with a Nikon 60mm 2.8 lens.

Summer Garden, Aberporth

My parents love to garden; their parents loved to garden. I sadly do not. Although I love a summer garden I have never caught the bug. As a child I came to dread excursions to garden centres, not that they were called that; they were plant nurseries. Rather boring, specialist places, they seldom could hold this child’s attention long enough. Alpines, annuals, hardys, aquatic, marginal or bog it made no difference to me.

Of course it is the way of things that I find now that specialist nurseries are interesting and cherishable. Penlan Perennials Nursery at Penrhiw Pal, near Newcastle Emlyn, is my favourite in Ceredigion, and well worth a visit.

Although I remain a reluctant gardener I do like to photograph a well made garden. And, after nearly 40 years of work, is my my parents’ Aberporth garden in its late Summer glory.