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Cardigan Big Art Project News

There will be a meeting to further discuss the future of the Big Art Project in Cardigan. Taking place on July 16th at Ysgol Uwchradd (Cardigan Secondary School) it is organised by those campaigning against the project. Chaired by “independant” person Andrew Shoben from Greyworld. All invited.

If you are in favour, it could be the last chance to get your voice heard.

The Society of the Spectacle; Rafael Lozano-Hemmer and Big Art Turbulence in Cardigan

It’s woeful; a dismal wet night in Cardigan and the best thing on in town is an ‘art installation’ outside the Guild Hall. The pointless grey-beard cluster hovers and bunches around its wet and shining placards. Twisting a little in the breeze that runs up through the High Street from the river the placards advertise a desperately depressing Theatre of the No.

The reasoning that drives this damply ghoulish gathering is the need to further press home their anti-art philistine arguments and put paid to Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s Interactive 127 Floating Ball Installation, Turbulence, on the River Teifi.

Of course they don’t really have any arguments worth considering. Otter Trauma, Shy Salmon, Kids Messing about? What will become of us?

Is it Bad Art? Well, maybe, but I’d like a chance to decide for myself. I for one welcome the Big Art Project for good or ill.

I can handle it. Cardigan can handle it. The risk that is. The risk that instead of negotiating the tawdry boozed-up sick-puddle weekend streets of Cardigan, citizens of all ages will re-take the night-time town and encounter the possibilty of beauty.

There I got that off my chest.