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The Longest Crawl Christmas Promotion

As far as I’m aware I appear in three books pseudonymously. In Mr Ian Marchant’s The Longest Crawl and Parallel Lines: Or, Journeys on the Railway of Dreams I appear under my ‘punk’ name, as photographer Perry Venus (a not very funny spoonerism) and in Real Aberystwyth I get to be the even less imaginative ‘Steve’.

For the Longest Crawl we were privileged to be guided around Lampeter’s Pubs by the then Mayor, Mr Hag Harris; and although this is not a picture of himself it does remind me of a rather jolly evening.

Mythologised, if not immortalised, in print, and now digitalised by Whole Story Audio Books on the CD reading of The Longest Crawl.

As their Press Release so succinctly puts it;

Whole Story Audio Books – publishers of unabridged audio books – are offering The Longest Crawl for under £20 as part of their special Christmas promotion. Visit for details.
dir1951 The Longest Crawl Christmas Promotion

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Photo: Blackberry Way

It’s autumn for sure; two pounds of blackberries from the lane behind the house. I reckon there’s a couple more brambling Sundays this year though I’m told the Devil likes to spit on them after September 29th. I’ll take my chances; it probably only happens in England.

I like them off the briar, I like them in a crumble but best of all I like them stewed; a little sugar and then enjoyed with (say) Conti’s vanilla ice cream.

Here are some berries I enjoyed in 2007.

wpid971 bag 7 300x300 Photo: Blackberry Way