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Photographing the Sun

Cutting across my earliest conditioning and ignoring my camera’s manual, today I photographed the sun.

Conditions were favourable; a light breeze, some cloud but a bright sky with a south facing aspect.

During a 30 minute tea break my boss is man-handling a rare Carl Zeiss Jena  prism lens into position on the outside workbench. Originally intending to photograph the lump for eBay and doubtless a very good price, the opportunity to mess about with the light from our nearest star was too good to miss.

While he manouvered the beast into position I set up an adhoc viewing surface (the back of a short wave radio manual) and set about capturing the clouds scudding across the face of the sun.

With no way of accurately focussing the image and with me working hand held it is of neccessity a rough a ready pair of images I brought home.

Somehow, and I don’t know quite how, we felt like twin Galileos, rather awed by the simple fact of looking at the Sun.

What next; running with scissors?

Photo: River Teifi in flood at Llechryd

Another wet and windy day here in Cardigan. Clearly not as wet and windy as Cockermouth where hundreds are destined to be in temporary accomodation for months. So thanking my lucky stars, my journey home from viewing Stephen Jones’ Henllan Salerooms, allowed me time to stop on photograph the River Teifi. The broad winding stretch underneath the not so new castle at Newcastle Emlyn was happily colonised by sea gulls foraging for who knows what. At Cenarth Falls the spate was so great that the falls seemed to have disappeared; and down stream below the indomitable bridge the water was surging, twisting and doing its best to be thoroughly frightening. Towards Llechryd (home of my former band, the Llechryd Light Orchestra) the river course had spilled its banks and then some. The road was clear but the bridge was under though cars could splash across.

Anyway it was dusk and the skies were clearing enough to show a rosy glow and a skein of geese like me, driving themselves home.