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  1. Ian says:

    You never know when they might come in handy

  2. David the rug says:

    Hi, Paul. It appears to me from the photographs that you have found a wool rug from the Kamseh Confederacy area of southern Persian. These are often referred to generically as Shiraz rugs. The pile will be of less than high quality wool, coarsely woven, with undyed brown wool warps running the length of the rug. (Remember that the warps run the length and form the fringes and the wefts go from “weft to right” – the only way that I can remember it!!) Can’t see the wefts, but the sides are protected by overcast red wool side cords. The design is typical of rugs from this area with the diamond pole medallion and overall animal, bird and flower head filler ornaments. You can see the typical “Kamseh chickens”, as well as peacocks and other birds, and camels, dogs and other animals. The dyes as you suggest are artificial!. An honest piece produced for the Western market from the 2nd half of the 20th C but not something to excite the purist! Keep on hunting!! Best wishes, David

    • I owe you a bottle of Shiraz…
      I’m just about to start The Root of Madder, Chasing the History, Mystery, and Lore of the Persian Carpet, by Brian Murphy; I’m a long way from your erudition but one day we’ll hit the jackpot?

  3. David the rug says:

    You are very welcome, Paul. Despite my large library of rug and carpet books, I have not seen Brian Murphy’s book – I hope it is good and that you enjoy it. In my experience, rug books often contradict each other or have different names for things, but if you read enough, some order can prevail.
    Happy hunting! I look forward to seeing your next find!
    Best regards. David
    PS Love your pic of the Tyranosaurus head!

  4. Ian says:

    I feel the urge to greyscale and put on some jazz.

  5. I really enjoy reading your posts, i just used this website, as a way of giving away my unused seeds. Anyone know what I can sell them for? I have maybe 60 chrysanthemum seeds left.

  6. bev williams says:

    hi paul, its bev, would you be able to send me just the picture of me and the kids, i have tried but unfortunatly i got all the photos
    sorry to be a pain in the butt.

  7. Petra Brierre says:

    Post bookmarked and stumbled upon, I’ll post a feedback on my profile as well

  8. Ian says:

    No doubt it’s all in the photography but great coloured wood.

  9. Yes thay have some lovely colour; the first image is oddly soft. I’m not sure why this should be as the original image is sharp. Probably WordPress applying its own aesthetic values…

  10. Hi Paul, I quite like those. They look like they belong in a church or monastery dont they. Stumbled on your site whilst surfing ‘ceredigion art’, keep up the good work, Chris

  11. Hi Chris, thanks for looking…
    Yes they do have a monastic feel; I could imagine them holding flickering candles in a draughty hall.
    I took a look at your site and your work (at if anyone else wnats to look!) and enjoyed my visit. Keep in touch; maybe we could swap some links?

  12. ian willson says:

    I like the tone of the colours in the first two. Do a load in the style of the first one as a project – very Stephen Shore. Really like to see those trees in the second without the railings. Of the actual event I like 15&18.
    Good set thanks.

  13. The colours in the first two shots are hard to beat; grey heavy clouds with spring blossom. I like the two you chose and it’s the former which I like best..

  14. IDW says:

    Great shots Paul – and you seem to have mastered the art of enjoying jolly festival-type events with lots of people. Though having a young child does help! 15 is also my favourite with 11 (though I’d probably crop it tighter) and 24 my runners-up.

  15. shelly says:

    hi, i dont know anything about driving ponies, but was there something amiss with the two greys, surely that isnt safe to have ponies leaning as badly as these two were?

  16. You have a point Shelly; it looked dangerous and there were a few gasps from the crowd…

  17. Stacy says:

    can i point out about the ponies, one was leaning during the competition, something that the driver pointed out that never happens, one was being particulary naughty that day and the picture captured a bad moment, earlier in the day they showed them selves perfectly



    I am looking for picturial sleeved Persian Vinyls from 60s and 70s in Iran.

    If you’ve got and would like to sell them, please let me know!

    Thanks and regards,


  19. mysti says:

    the grey driving ponies were safe, they just were beeing a bit silly like every horse has its moments.

  20. tim richards says:

    my horse one the tradional colored class at barley saturday this year do yuo have any photos

    • Hi Timothy
      I wasn’t at the judging so would not have any from there.
      I’m pretty sure that the images on the site are all that I have.
      Perhaps next year we could make sure I get some?

  21. Suzannah Fleming says:

    Just to say the Shell House at Cilwendeg is only open on Thursdays between April and September 9:00 to 6:00. The contact details have changed — The Temple Trust phone: 020-7482-6171, e-mail: website:

    Thank you so much — the photo is truly beautiful.
    Suzannah Fleming (Chairman, The Temple Trust)

  22. Hi Paul you Black and white photo above is very beautiful, I would like to ask permission to use your low res picture in a slide show to teach a lecture on flower photography and then post it as part of a slide show and article on on my web site – your picture would include your URL (this site or whatever link you would like) and Your Name as credit. I will be placing your image beside a painting by Georgia O’keeffe if you permit me to use the image. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Robert Berdan
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  23. Hi
    Great photographs. Dont suppose you would have any pictures from the various other events that took place on the day?


    • Thank you Michael.
      I’m sorry to say that’s all. I looked forward to the event ever since Carl Davies’ mooted it (2 years age?). What with family and so on it was ashort day for me.
      I’ll be there next year and hope to have a much larger stock of images.

  24. Mark says:

    Funny how things come into your head after decades have passed. Been trying to recall the name of the Lemon Boys’ bass player (Chris) for the last few days. We used to chat a fair bit back in Brighton years ago: he was a good bloke. Surprised to find that “my records indicate” M & L.Boys played with my old band a couple of times in London, February of 1980. Had completely forgotten. Thanks much for posting the picture.

  25. andy burkinshaw says:

    I also have this machine but no power cord, (it has round not rectangular pins), any ideas for a replacement?

  26. Hi,

    Came across your photos by chance. We are an off shoot of a Sherlock Holmes Society and have a book to be published called the Poisoned Lilly (in this case Lilly is a person rather than a flower but your photo could be used as a red herring as it were on the cover) and would ask if you have a high resolution version of your photo that we could have permission to use – full credit would of course be given.

    Best regards,

    Dr Antony Richards

  27. Angelbank Carriages says:

    As the owner and driver of the pair of grey ponies seen above, I have to apologise and offer an explanation. This was unsightly and terribly embarrassing moment as we have a first class reputation for turning out and competing at the very highest standards.The ponies are very experienced carriage driving ponies and are totally safe to drive especially in public. Unfortunately on the day of the event, the pony on the drivers side decided to have the ‘mother of all tantrums’ and refused to behave properly As we were in the full gaze of the public eye and encased in the high street parade, we were unable to make any corrective procedures. Although it looks dramatic, it posed no threat to the animals welfare or risk to the public. My expression says it all… never work with animals or children!

  28. Marc Gordon says:

    Are you going to use the needles? or can I purchase them for my gramaphone….. Thinking of organising a Tea Dance and it would be great to use the wind-up rather that electric…. My mega buy a few weeks ago was a collection of 78’s including my first ever record ‘Davy Crockett’, Rock around the clock, and a colection of skiffle from Lonnie Donigan, Tommy Steele and Chris Barber

  29. Helen Davies says:

    A group of us would love to visit the Italian POW chapel at Henllan, and I would be grateful if someone could let me know, how this can be arranged. It would be fascinating for our family to see, as my father’s uncle was an Italian POW in Wales during the second world war. Grateful thanks, Helen Barresi Davies.

  30. Cliff Resnick says:

    Hi Paul I just came across this posting about Ray Moore, I’m been living down here since 1990, cI’m over at Crymych way and was about ten years in Llandysul before that. I’m an Artist/Photographer or artist that’s also interested in photography and knew Ray quite well I was originally taught how to use a camera by Ray when doing, I did nearly two years foundation at Watford, where Ray was teaching. We both moved to Nottingham at the same time me to do Fine Art, Ray as you probably aware to teach at the then Trent Poly. His department was in the same smallish building as were all the art based courses, my girlfriend at the time was also taught by Ray at Watford and chose to do photography at Trent so I saw and socialized with Ray a bit at this time, he also lived quite near us in North Notts. At the moment I’m getting my photographs in order and intend to do something with them in the future as I’m taking up my career as an artist again after some years now running an online film photography business. I would say that Ray has had a significant influence on my photographic style and you’re posting has brightened up a somewhat dull day.

    • Hi Chris, that’s great! Thanks for posting. You were lucky to have been taught by a master photographer. My regret is that I’ve not had a formal photography education.
      Perhaps you know Carl Welsby – he lives near to you and is pretty handy with the camera? We are both dipping our toes in at Cardigan Camera Club though I have to say that if it wasn’t for our burgeoning friendship we’d probably have quit by now. It’s a club with skilled members but very conservative. Not a lot of art. Anyway if you’re a Facebooker I’ll see if I can find you.

  31. Bryan says:

    I have a plate just like that and you have helped me understand a bit more about it. I would love to know more myself. It was purchased for $2 at an estate sale.

  32. Dave Winn says:

    Hi Paul
    Just found your blog and now its bookmarked.
    Why are so many of Shevaughns friends leaving?
    Please would you ask her to text me your address so I can send a card.
    Cheers Dave Winn

  33. Nigel Morris says:

    Hi, any idea of the value of the carters poole lion

  34. Paul says:

    do you want to sell the D. P. rolling papers?

  35. Lilith says:

    I found a packet of these in my roof and I was wondering if you could give me some more info and possibly a date

  36. marcus myers says:

    I realise that I´m a few years late commenting on this thread! I remember the day fairly well.
    The shoot was actually on the roof of Johny and Sue Gravenors place at Silwood Terrace/Place? just behind Western Rd, in 1980 I believe. At the time we were doing alot of gigs around the country and had just done a couple of tours supporting U2 when they were still playing pubs and polytechnics. There were also a couple of fashion students living at that address, so we were never short of clothes to dress up in, although I think we look quite dressed down in this shoot!
    Thanks for the pictures!